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Introducing Holus

The world's first interactive, tabletop holographic display.

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Holus is a tabletop holographic platform that converts any digital content from a computer, tablet or smartphone into a 3D, holographic display. Whether it is a board game, DNA structure or the solar system, your content comes alive - view it from four different angles and interact with it in ways that have never been possible. Use Holus at home to learn, collaborate and have fun. It also opens up opportunities for developers to create their own holographic applications.

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"When I first used Holus, I was quite excited because it is manifestly the future, but also recalls the past in that it makes you think about Star Wars, something a lot of us grew up on. You can imagine it would be in other people's offices and homes and you think 'wow, it's here.'"

- Richard Smith, Director, Centre for Digital Media



"When you walk in and see the kids in the Magic Room, and you see them engaging with Woodie and the other creatures and following the story, they are not sick for that period of time. They are engaging 100% in the activity of the experience, and that takes them out of that sick environment and allows them to have a natural time. That's really key."

- Richard Pass, CEO, Ronald McDonald House BC


At H+, we believe the developer community has a lot to offer, and therefore we invite them to be a part of our work and contribute their ideas. We are supporting developers by providing demos and SDKs for the Unity 3D and Unreal game engines, along with plugins for our partners’ products, Leap Motion, Emotiv, and Occipital. We are further working to make Holus a completely open platform so that the developer community can bring any idea to life! With our middleware, we hope to enable the creativity of every developer by limiting the number of barriers to be able see information without the need for code.




Holographic Projection


Over the past two years, the H+ team has devised an innovative software/hardware technique where any given digital content can be seen from 360 degrees. Moreover, the content can be viewed seamlessly and continuously as users move around Holus through position tracking. This position tracking algorithm will be provided as part of the Holus SDK.




Holus middleware is a unique solution where users can connect any sensors or other hardware devices with Holus in a matter of minutes. It overcomes the hurdles that developers and designers face while implementing systems that depend on one or more sensor devices. Furthermore, this middleware will offer intuitive front end graphical user interface by means of visual programming language. Middleware will also be part of Holus SDK package to enhance the experience for creation of Holus applications.